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Information Management Software helps qualify composites.

March 26, 2015

With tools for capturing, processing, and reporting on composite data, GRANTA MI:Composites supports rigorous, auditable composite qualification process, particularly where data traceability is important for regulatory purposes. Engineering enterprises can manage all valuable but complex data associated with composite materials, including layup, cure cycle, and directional properties. Composites Qualification Service configures GRANTA MI:Composites software for organization’s specific needs. Read More


Additive Manufacturing Software protects vital IP.

February 23, 2015

Based on GRANTA MI™ materials information management software, MI:Additive Manufacturing™ provides single system which captures all relevant data, links it, makes it available to any appropriately authorized user, and ensures full traceability. Program helps engineering enterprises protect investment and IP in Additive Manufacturing research; build in-depth knowledge-base for better understanding of AM processes; and support qualification and certification of additively manufactured parts. Read More


Materials Management Software integrates with CAD/CAE/PLM systems.

February 11, 2015

Appearing as pop-up window inside host system, GRANTA MI:Materials Gateway 3.0™ lets engineering enterprises manage diverse information on materials specified in their products within CAD, CAE, and PLM systems. Approved and traceable data is made available directly within engineers' design, simulation, or PLM environments, which reduces time spent looking for information while promoting accuracy and consistency. Solution fully utilizes functionality of GRANTA MI v8. Read More


Materials Information Software helps mitigate risk.

December 1, 2014

With GRANTA MI: Restricted Substances Software, materials professionals can manage, analyze, certify, and maintain materials data, making it available for use across enterprise in secure and controlled manner. Program helps avoid lost data and duplicated work, ensure traceability, and guarantee accuracy. In addition, software enables users to make better informed materials decisions and mitigate problems associated with restricted substances and supply chain disruption. Read More


Materials Data Software affords traceability in CAE applications.

November 19, 2014

Appearing as embedded application within HyperMesh CAE pre-processor from HyperWorks® suite, GRANTA MI:Materials Gateway™ for HyperMesh® provides traceable access to materials data and applications. Engineers gain access to materials information, and functionality complements HyperMesh flexibility in supporting multiple CAE solvers. Switch solver profiles present CAE material models relevant to current solver profile to ensure appropriate materials data and format with full traceability. Read More


Materials Selection Support Software solves engineering problems.

October 17, 2014

Offering data for metals equivalency studies as well as coverage of plastics and medical materials, CES Selector™ 2015 helps materials experts and product development teams make better decisions to improve product performance, reduce costs, and minimize risks. Graphical menu helps user identify target material properties based on engineering requirements of application. Along with FEA support, features include environmental and materials supply risk resources and filtering capabilities. Read More


Product Intelligence Software accelerates risk response.

July 8, 2014

MI:Product Intelligence Package helps engineering enterprises optimize products while minimizing environmental, regulatory, and supply chain risks. Used within CAD environment or via Web browser application, tools draw on authoritative materials and environmental data to provide interactive, integrated feedback on risks. Components include MaterialUniverse data module, MI:Product Intelligence tools, MI:Materials Gateway 2.0 integration technology, and MI:BoM Analyzer. Read More


Scalable Software aids materials information management.

December 11, 2013

Incorporating MI:Materials Gateway™ v2.0 and offering references for specific materials classes, GRANTA MI™ v7 helps users build and maintain single, controlled, traceable source for corporate materials data; manage lifecycle of every property in that database; and facilitate workflow from test results to approved design data. Web tool allows authorized users to upload materials data from anywhere, while graphing and querying provide insight as users compare data from different sources. Read More


Materials Data Integration Software works in CAD/CAE/PLM programs.

November 8, 2013

GRANTA MI:Materials Gateway™ v2.0 provides traceable access to materials data and applications within CAD, CAE, and PLM software. Companies can store and use both corporate materials knowledge and catalog of materials reference data on thousands of materials. Shortcuts facilitate selection of sub-assemblies and parts when assigning materials, and direct notifications are provided in design system if assigned materials have since been updated in master database. Read More


Material Selection Software matches material to application.

October 18, 2013

CES Selector™ 2014 makes navigating, searching, and exploring materials information straightforward, whether from MaterialUniverse™ data, which covers full range of engineering materials in nearly 4,000 generic data sheets, or more specialist reference datasets, which provide detailed properties for material grades or designations. Tools for material replacement and substitution enable engineers to identify and explore alternatives for underperforming material, or one that has become obsolete. Read More


Data Module mitigates critical materials risk.

May 8, 2013

Part of GRANTA MI software, Critical Materials Data Module includes supply risk data for 67 key elements. Data records describing those elements are linked to records describing materials in which elements can be found, allowing at-risk materials to be identified. Price volatility and variation data help assess potential impact of future price fluctuations. Data-driven assessment of materials supply and environmental risks helps design-out problems and meet legislative requirements. Read More


Materials Information Management Software meets engineering needs.

February 13, 2013

Via features for managing and searching materials data, GRANTA MI v6 helps users find information and apply it to reduce risk and cost while making better and more sustainable products. Solution supports CAD and CAE software integration and provides data and tools necessary for considering automotive steels, materials liable to strategic supply risks, restricted substances, and surface treatments. Database system and supporting software lets users build single, secure, traceable source. Read More


Materials Data Software empowers simulation engineers.

November 8, 2012

GRANTA MI:Materials Gateway™ for ANSYS® Workbench™ enables validated materials property models to be accessed and applied from within ANSYS software, providing full traceability of materials inputs to simulations. Authorized ANSYS Workbench users can browse and search entirety of GRANTA MI corporate materials data, complemented by Granta materials property reference data, within their routine workflows; select approved CAE models; and apply them directly to simulation projects. Read More


Information Management Software aids materials decision making.

October 4, 2012

Offering materials property data<strong>, </strong>CES Selector 2013 helps users seeking similar or replacement materials across full range of plastics, metals, ceramics, and composites. CES Metal Selector, combining 2 specialist datasets, helps engineers find information on metals specifications, designations, and global metal equivalencies. In addition to life cycle energy usage and CO2 footprint, Eco Audit&trade; Tool provides interactive charts that show environmental implications of changing material or process. Read More

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NIMS Data Module supports energy/processing plant applications.

July 30, 2012

Data module provides searchable access to metals property data from Japan's National Institute for Materials Science (NIMS), which includes raw numerical data from detailed creep rupture measurements and fatigue data. This information is available through browser-based GRANTA MI(TM), which lets users search, plot, and export data for use in CAE. Installation on corporate network can provide integrated, enterprise-wide access to in-house and other reference data, complementing NIMS dataset. Read More


Sustainable Design Tool enhances Autodesk Inventor.

October 7, 2011

Eco Materials Adviser Full Version lets designers generate eco impact analyses of their product parts/assemblies as they evolve in Autodesk® Inventor® 2012. Dashboard display shows key indicators, and users can interactively explore sustainability impact of changes in materials choice or design. Also, users can study assemblies of any size, investigate materials options leveraging database with ~3,000 materials, and account for range of contributions to environmental impact. Read More


Materials Management Software facilitates replacement decisions.

August 3, 2011

CES Selector(TM) 2012 helps manufacturing enterprises that must replace materials in their product portfolio for reasons of cost, performance, supply, or environmental impact. Along with capabilities for eco design, PC-based solution combines data on materials properties with graphical analysis tools. It features facilitate and accelerate comparison of properties of multiple materials. Properties can be reviewed relative to user-defined reference material, with highlighted differences. Read More

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Materials Selection Software supports product development efforts.

October 30, 2009

Combining comprehensive data on properties of materials with graphical software for analysis and selection, CES Selector(TM) enables designers, engineers, and materials experts to explore materials and process options and to make and justify rational, auditable selection and substitution decisions. Program's Eco Audit Tool accounts for energy or carbon dioxide lost or recovered on product disposal, enabling it to calculate key environmental indicators for full product lifecycle. Read More


Materials Information Management Software targetes engineering firms.

July 24, 2009

Providing tools and analysis features to help users apply materials data, GRANTA MI(TM) v3.0 includes GRANTA MI:Restricted Substances product, which helps companies design in context of restricted substance regulations and to avoid risk due to regulations. Tools guided by Material Data Management Consortium enable storage and application of complex mathematical models used to describe materials properties. GRANTA MI:Enterprise Materials Optimizer aids materials and manufacturing choices. Read More


Software offers materials information management solution.

March 11, 2008

Incorporating comprehensive, up-to-date materials property reference data, GRANTA MI(TM) v2.0 provides capabilities for managing materials data, applying data accurately, and deploying design information to engineers. Version control feature updates data, captures information explaining changes, and stores all previous versions. Data quality rating capability supports implementation of corporate data quality systems to ensure that data is used appropriately. Read More

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