Friday Focus: How to Survive a Work Day at the Beach


Did you work through the long holiday weekend? Whether you’re in a stuffy cubicle or on a sunny beach, consider this:
employees on vacation are check in on work through email and phone calls, with 47 percent of American workers claiming that plugging into the office remotely actually ensures that they have a calmer vacation, according to a new survey.

Work day at the beach? More than half of U.S. employees check into work while on vacation, according to a new survey by Pertino. Credit: bplanet at

Work day at the beach? More than half of U.S. employees check in on work while on vacation, according to a new survey by Pertino.
Credit: bplanet at

Findings by cloud engine network company Pertino show that more than half of employees (59 percent) surveyed are embracing the BYODOV (Bring Your Own Device on Vacation) trend. In the office, the adoption of BYOD has been recognized as an effective employee engagement measure and a cost savings strategy for employers, but that trend has now extended outside of the office. Of the more than 1,000 U.S. workers surveyed, most (52 percent) are checking in on their personally owned computers, followed by smartphones (51 percent) and tablets (30 percent).

A separate survey by Prosper Mobile Insights also found that most Americans are reliant on devices while away, revealing that 78.8 percent of mobile owners who go on vacation take their smart phone and use it “all the time,” according to Inc.

While the Pertino survey revealed that those who check in on work claim that doing so makes them “less stressed” while they are on vacation, it’s still a necessity to take some time away from work, for better health. For example, an annual holiday can cut the risk of heart attack in men by 30 percent and by 50 percent in women, and vacations can help prevent burnout, according to National Geographic.

For those employees who take time off but can’t seem to disconnect completely, (men connect to work slightly more than women while on vacation, 64 percent versus 57 percent, respectively) Pertino offers a few tips to help achieve a stress-free get away from the workplace:

1)  Create and follow a check-in schedule. This daily agenda should separate “work” from “offline” times so that friends and associates know when you’re able to connect, and when to get answers for top projects from someone else.

2) Connect with IT before you go. Check in with your company IT so that you have access to office applications, files and resources to access issues or information from your getaway spot.

3) Be wary of cyber safety. Accessing personal info can be bait for cyber criminals who can steal passwords and valuable data, so log in to a secure network that provides authentication as well as encryption of your traffic every time you connect online.

What is your strategy for managing work while away from the office? Let us know in the comment section below.



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