In Your Own Words: Introducing ThomasNet Forums

January 16, 2007

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"Online community" is a phrase we are hearing more and more these days. This in mind, has opened ThomasNet Forums, an online environment for industry professionals to connect, network and share information and opinions. We encourage you to engage with your peers in this new venue — where your voice will be heard.

In 2007, the challenge may be about creating segmented and passionate communities from the global conversation and focusing the conversation on single groups to best meet the needs and wants of the individuals that compose those groups.

This in mind, has rolled out the ThomasNet Forums, providing an integral component to building an active community amongst not only Industrial Market Trends readers or all users — but to anyone online.

We urge you to engage with others in your profession:

Looking for advice on converting and importing CAD files between programs? Ask your peers.

Looking for out-of-stock parts? Or machinery that is no longer being made? Maybe another user's seen one around.

Not sure about what type of CNC machine or 2" bolt will get your job done best? Ask your peers.

Concerned about the current or future state of manufacturing? Or the engineering profession? Discuss with those who are on the offshoring frontlines with you.

Skeptic about ethanol as a realistic alternative fuel source? Voice your argument.

Building your own hotrod or motorcycle? Highlight your project steps. Include photographs: Bragging rights welcome.

See a particularly interesting space program on NOVA or read about a cool new robot in Popular Mechanics? Let others know, and point 'em in the right direction with links.

Did IMT coverage spark a related thought? Head on over to the forum and post your related thoughts or questions. Post your own burning questions.

Likewise, visit the forums and engage with those posing their own thoughts and questions. Let there be innumerable dialogues.

Registration is not required to post on the forum. However, registered users will have the benefit of identity, personal links and profile, and the ability to send private messages to others on the forum.

After all, the purpose of ThomasNet Forums is to engage the industrial community — engineers, purchasing agents, business owners, designers, machinists, plant managers and so on — in discussions with those with similar interests. The forum is an online repository of stories, links and ideas. It is a place to network and talk shop. It is NOT a blog, nor is it a pressroom or's self-promoting corporate "About Us" page.

It is for you.

So engage and be part of the dialogues!

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